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Dining Guide


With all the advantages buffets have for the guest as well as for the restaurateur, it's suprising that they haven't become more common in Metro Manila earlier. But certainly, they are the trend now. Until recently buffets were confined to restaurants of five star hotels. But meanwhile, more and more independent restaurants also offer buffets. By now, there is lively competition so the guest can expect the best.

Among the undoubted advantages of buffets to the guest are: first, no waiting time for the meal; second, individual selection of favorite foods; third, big portions with second or third helpings.

But buffets can not only just be a good deal for the guest but also the restaurateur. His advantages are: first, tables are occupied for a shorter period of time and can be used for two settings during one lunch time; second, more economical preparation of the meals because they are not prepared one by one; third, shorter storage time for unprepared foods.

Buffets really have the potential of being a good value. And the advantage of no waiting time is particularly important to all who eat out for lunch on a work day. Therefore, buffets are to executives what fast-foods restaurants are to ordinary employees.

In general but particularly with buffets that include many warm disher, it's an advantage to arrive early - around 12:00 for lunch buffets. All lister buffets allow eating as much as one wants (unlike salad bars that commonly only allow one plate).


Cafe Vienna (94)
Holiday Inn, Roxas Blvd, Tel 59-79-61
6:00-2:00; breakfast buffet 6:00-10:00, 115 P ++; lunch buffet 11:00-14:00; Mo, Tu, Th, Fr 135 P ++; We 150 P ++; theme dinner buffets Mo-Sa 18:00-22:00; Mo Swiss, Tu American, We Caribbean, Th Bavarian, Fr Italian, Sa seafood; Mo-Fr 175 P ++, Sa 190 P ++; a dinner buffet offer with a nice idea to it; while buffets in many other five star hotels vary only every month, the dinner buffet at the Cafe Vienna is different every night; desserts and coffee or tea included

Capriccio (91)
Silahis Hotel, Roxas Blvd, Tel 57-38-11
at lunch time (11:30-14:30) Italian buffet, 160 P ++; appealing pasta dishes, salads

Sunburst (91)
Silahis Hotel, Roxas Blvd, Tel 57-38-11
6:00-11:00 breakfast buffet, 110 P ++; Mo-Sa int'l lunch buffet, 155 P ++


La Bodega (140)
Peninsula Hotel, Makati Ave
Tel 819-34-56 loc 3950, 6:00-23:30
breakfast buffet 7:00-9:30, 160 P ++; int'l lunch buffet 11:30-14:30, 195 P ++, Su 220 P ++; Sa Mongolian lunch buffet at the poolside, 195 P ++; din-ner buffet Mo-Sa 18:30-21:30, 240 P ++, featuring the cuisine of a different country every month; cooking some-times by guest chefs from around the world; desserts and coffee or tea in-cluded

La Primavera (144)
Legazpi St; Tel 818-19-42, 818-19-45
11:30-22:30, closed on Sun
lunch buffet 128 P ++; includes a large number of Italian specialities, among them many delicious antipasti; particularly these appetizers not only taste great but are exhibited with su-perb eye appeal; also included are two soups (one clear and one cream style soup), ten to fifteen pasta salads, at least one hot pasta dish, and even a variety of desserts such as mousses, tartlets, custard cakes

San Mig Pub (143)
Legazpi St, Tel 86-85-56, 85-42-36
11:30-24:00, closed on Sun
lunch buffet 90 P ++; more than 50 plates of the most excellent salad buf-fet in town; exclusively salads but in an astonishing variety; the buffet not only includes many vegetable salads (with asparagus, among others) but also many rich and satisfying meat salads; even a number of fruit and dessert salads are offered; many of the salads include expensive imported ingredients - olives, capers, grape leaves, maras-chino cherries, etc

Prince of Wales (147)
New Plaza Bldg, Greenbelt, Tel 815-42-74
11:00-24:00; closed on Sun
lunch buffet 110 P (no service charge added); good value and excellent quality; more than 50 different dishes to choose from; among the warm dishes are many that are particularly suited for buffets because they can be simmered (like their excellent Greek Moussaka) or because they can be eaten warm or cold (but shouldn't be eaten hot) like the great selection of French Quiches they offer; the lunch buffet is so popular that the restaurant is fairly full at lunch time - in spite of 170 seats; but the buffet is available quite early, shortly after 11:00; for those who can arrange to have their lunch that early, it's the best time to go there

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