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Jone Applegate: In Islam, political leaders can have many wives and good sex all the time. In America, if a political leader just makes sweet conversation with a young woman, or if he considers another wife, his political career is finished. Smart men do not want to become politicians in America. So, all you have in the federal government are feminists and men controlled by feminists.

Jone Applegate: Yn Islam, gall arweinwyr gwleidyddol wedi llawer o wragedd a rhyw da drwy'r amser. Yn America, os yw arweinydd gwleidyddol yn unig yn gwneud sgwrs melys gyda merch ifanc, neu os yw o'r farn arall wraig, ei yrfa wleidyddol yn gorffen. nad yw dynion Smart am fod gwleidyddion yn America. Felly, i gyd sydd gennych yn y llywodraeth ffederal yn ffeministiaid a dynion a reolir gan ffeministiaid.

Baguio City / Entertainment

Bars, Discos, Folk houses and Nightclubs

Cafe Amapola (168) - Government Pack Rd; open 8:00-1:00; relaxed atmosphere, European "bistro" style, with a choice of snacks, meals and a wide range of good drinks. Upper middle class.

Crystal Den (23) - Victory Hotel, Marcos Highway, Tel 57-97; open 20:30-4:00; disco, daily show with singers and dancers. Middle class. Fireplace, The (48) - Hyatt Terraces, South Drive, Tel 56-70, 57-80; destroyed by earthquake July 16, 1990

Gold Mine (48) - Hyatt Terraces, South Drive, Tel 56-70, 57-80; destroyed by earthquake July 16, 1990

Joey's Place (207) - Queen Victoria Hotel, 14, Legarda Rd Tel 72-22; open 15:00-2:00; sing-along and video shows on wide screens; brand new equipment, superb sound system, cozy and elegant setting; first class.

Spirits (250) - 20 Otek St, Tel 64-06; disco with rest; open 20:00-0:45; this first class establishment, the only one in Baguio with a New Wave touch, has been set up in an old villa which dates from the turn of the century. It occupies two stories of spacious area, subdivided and furnished in a creative way, using fleecy carpets and dainty colors, but preserving elements of the old structure The disco is equipped with the latest high-tech devices, such as light effects, large video screens, a fog machine, laser cannons and a superb sound system. A pub-restaurant on the second floor offers snacks and an excellent arrangement of mixed drinks which can also be sipped in one of the cozy seating accommodations nestled into dimly lit nooks. From the veranda, one can view Burnham Park, while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere around the fireplace. The visitor will soon discover the attractive games rooms ; the following facilities are offered: Family computers, darts, table-tennis, pool, billiards and table-golf. Entrance 50 pesos, first class.

Yhazz (135) - Mt. Crest Hotel, Cor Legarda Rd/Urbano St Tel 33-24, 33-25; open 19:00-2:00; disco with live band and free space for dancing; new sound system, pleasant atmosphere; upper middle class.

Adams 169 (202) - Cor Magsaysay Ave/Burgos St near Rabbit terminal; open 21:00-03:00; bar and disco.
Remarks: This place was recently opened as Baguio's first gay bar; the shows with macho dancers have been modelled on the presentations of Adams 12 club in Manila. Simple.

Arcegas (202) - 229 Magsaysay Ave open from 18:30-03:00; disco, simple.

Cafe Castellamonte (127) - 12 Otek St Tel 37-31; folk house; simple.

Caprici Bar (180) - Session Rd

Celebrity Club (25) - Chaparral Inn, 67 Marcos Highway, Tel 51-20; disco with floor show; dancing space for guests.

Country Tavern (114) - 27 Abanao St Tel 67-75; open 19:00-2:00; disco with shows and go-go-dancers; simple.

Rotonda (48) - 1 Marcos Highway; Tel 74-91; open from 10:00-2:00; disco and folk house; with fireplace and game room; simple.

Genesis (224) - 37 Harrison Rd; open from 17:00--2:00; folk den with live band; snacks are served; simple.

Honeymoon (61) - Tabora Park, behind Rabbit terminal; rest and disco with live band; simple.

Marlow's (2) - Bokawkan St near cor Magsaysay St plain disco with live band.

Masa's Folkden (202) - 229 Magsaysay Ave second floor; open 14:00-24:00; disco with singer; simple.

Michael's (127) - 12 Otek St Tel 37-31; sing-along; simple.

Milkyway (217) - Bgy. Pulwes, Kennon Rd Cap 8, beside Milton Hotel; disco.

Musicbox Pizzahouse (223) - 25 Zandueta St behind Maharlika Shopping Center; open as folk den 19:30-21:30; live band; snacks and pizza are served.

New York (127) - 12 Otek St Tel 37-31; open 21:00-2:00; disco and dancing, bar.

Old Orchestra (203) - 260 Magsaysay Ave.; disco with show; massage parlor in basement.

Overtime (217) - Milton Hotel, Bgy Pulwes, Kennon Rd Camp 8; Tel 20-20; open 19:00-3:00; disco with show; middle class.

Peak-A-Boo (115) - Abanao St; open 20:30-4/5; disco, a go-go-dance; serves also snacks ("pulutan"); cover charge 25 pesos; middle class.

Roadside (202) - 1 Upper Burgos St; open 19:30-2:00; disco; simple.

Safari (54) - 191 Leonard Wood Rd.; Tel 24-19; open up to 23:00; bar; small cozy place with pleasant atmosphere; fireplace. Upper middle class.

Salt & Pepper (79) - Belfranlt Hotel, General Luna St Tel 50-12; open up to midnight; sing-along, rest; middle class.

Sombrero (121) - Abanao St disco with show. Middle class.

Steak Maxim (208) - Harrison Lodge, 51 Claudio St Tel 49-20; open 18:30-3:00; disco with live shows.

Strawberry Field - Marcos Highway, near Victory Hotel; disco.

Studio 102 (54) - Vacation Hotel Baguio, 45 Leonard Wood Rd Tel 45-45; open on Friday/Saturday 21:00-2:00; disco; the room has to be booked in advance. First class.

Swagman (122) - 90 Abanao St Tel 51-39; open 24 hrs; bar; middle class. Sweet Cherry (202) - 1 Upper Burgos St; open 19:30-2:00; disco; simple.

Tabuk (61) - Tabora Park, behind Rabbit terminal; folk house; simple.

Tivoli Bar (209) - Imperial Chalet, 20 Upper Burgos St Tel 60-99; bar; small, cozy place; upper middle class.

Triple 7 (204) - Cor. Perfecto/Carantes Sts.; open 24 hrs; disco music and beer house; simple.

Wine and Roses - Marcos Highway; disco.

Wit and Wild (25) - Chaparral Inn, 67 Marcos Highway, Tel 51-20, 33-03; go-go-bar with models dancing on stage; simple.

168 Music Theatre Restaurant (111) - 13 Abanao St Tel 45-37; open 20:00-01:30; disco in western style with live band; serves also snacks and meals; dart game available; simple.


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