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Flat 62sqkm (24sqmi) Mactan Island is known for its history, as well as its many guitar factories and beaches. Furthermore, Cebu International Airport is situated on Mactan, near Lapu-Lapu City, still known under its former name Opon.

Connected with Cebu Island over the Mandaue-Mactan Bridge, Mactan can be attained by jeepney (Lapu-Lapu City - Carbon) within 45min from downtown Cebu. (The bridge had been damaged during the typhoon of November 13, 1990 and was thereafter closed for traffic; however, as the link is essential, it was clear that it would be just a matter of time until the bridge would be repaired and re-opened.)

Apart from jeepneys on the routes Lapu-Lapu City - Cebu City and Cordova - Cebu City, the means of transportation on Mactan are tricycles the tricycle drivers of Mactan are no better than the taxi drivers of Cebu City).

Along the coast are moderate beaches with bare coral reefs. However, 4 luxury beach resorts are located there; because the natural Mactan beaches are not very exciting, some resorts have resorted to build artificial sand beaches). For those visiting beaches away from resorts, it is good to know the times of low and high tide because during low tide the beaches are sometimes muddy. The time intervals between tides are approximately 11 hours. The high/low tide difference is larger during full moons. The only Mactan beach frequented by budget travelers is Marigondon Beach.


Silangan Inn
at the airport,
Tel 884-62

(formerly Imperial)
between Mactan bridge and airport

right after Mactan bridge

Beach Resorts

Tambuli Beach Resort
Buyong, north of Maribago, Tel 720-96

Mla Off:
Suite 1401, 14th fl Victoria Bldg
UN Ave, Ermita, Tel 522-23-01

Cebu Off: Borromeo Arcade, 39 Ramos St
Tel 702-00, Tlx 24757 Tambuli PH

Costabella Beach Resort Hotel

Cebu Off: Montebello Hotel,
Tel 854-75
Tlx 62115 Costa PN
rest, bar, swpl, aqua sports facilities

Hadsan Beach Resort
Agus, Tel 921-54

Cebu Off:
Tel 726-79,
Tlx 48085 RCC PM
rest, swpl, aqua sports facilities, conf rm;

Coral Reef Hotel
south of Maribago
Tel 792-03, 615-72

Mla Off: Tel 818-97-04;
Tlx 64481 ispen PN

(plus service charge & tax)
five-star facilities, tennis; outsiders not welcome

Buyong Beach Resort
Buyong expensive for what it offers

private accommodation is available beside the Beachcomber;

Gallardo's Beach
contact Cebu Medical Supplies, Tel 747-96

Agus Inn

Club Kon Tiki Resort
Maribago Beach
Tel 884-32;
outsiders not welcome

Marigondon Beach

Odith Store
Marigondon Beach


right after Mactan Bridge

Abelarde Yacht Club
500m to the left after Mactan Bridge,
follow the signboard 'Mactan Business Forum'
Lapu-Lapu City,
Tel 885-67

Silahis Restaurant
Cebu Int. Airport,
Tel 880-48


'1890' and 'Lucky5'
along the road between Mactan Bridge and Lapu-Lapu
City are the best known night spots on the island.


Lapu-Lapu and Magellan Marker
on the northern shore; a monument that marks the spot where Lapu-Lapu
killed Magellan on April 27, 1521 in knee-deep water before the
Portuguese explorer in Spanish service could reach the shore

Guitar Factories
they are mainly located along the Maribago-Buaya road.
One can see the interesting steps in producing guitars and ukuleles.
The raw materials used have to be shipped from Mindanao as they
can not be found on other islands. A big display and sale center is in
Pajo on the road to the airport.


12km (7.5mi) south of Cebu City; Tangue and Canezares beach are not clean but offer sun shades for rent; several beach restaurants

Tourist Seaside Hotel
Talisay, Tel 970-11
12km (7.5mi) south of Cebu City


Within Liloan proper, a gray-sand beach suitable for swimming, is 150m (500ft) off the road, 400m (1,300t) north of the market; the water is sometimes polluted due to anchored boats; snacks available; one beach house for rent, 2km (1.3mi) north of Liloan, 2km off the road is a flat gray-sand beach suitable for swimming, but no food, drinks and sun shades are available.

Beach Resorts

Franziska's Beach Resort

Huts by the Sea
beside Franziska's
not well maintained

Pepito's Beach
best of the three

Three beach resorts are located 3km (2mi) south of Compostela, beside the road; flat sand-and-stones beach; on weekends heavily frequented by locals; snacks available

Stakili Beach Resort
Reservations: 710-77, 937-61; recommended

Buena Vista & Salama Beaches
private beaches south of Compostela


Danao City- 33km (21mi) north of Cebu City. From here boats leave almost every day early in the morning to the Camotes Islands. For more information on Danao City, please see the introduction of this chapter.

beach resort 6km (3.5mi) south of Danao;
open on weekends only,
sun shades for rent

Acacia Cottages
4.5km (2.8mi) south of Danao;
small stony beach beside the road;

El Salvador
3km (2mi) south of Danao
Tel 767-90; sand-and-stones beach

Tuyang Beach
2km (1.3mi) north of Carmen;
one nice beach house for rent


Club Pacific Beach Resort
- 7km (4.4mi) north of Sogod towards Borbon,
60km north of Cebu City;
luxury beach resort with nice, flat sand beach

Cebu Off:Justice Cabahug Bldg
Maxilom Ave, Tel 719-47;
Tlx 24836 CLPH


Bantayan is a large off-shore island west of the northern tip of Cebu Island. There are ships connecting it with Cebu City (see transportation entries in the Cebu City chapter).

Sta Fe Beach Resort
near Sta Fe

Cebu Off:
Tel 825-68, 834-89, 736-03



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