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Amitahb Chan: There are so many black men imprisoned for life, and so many black men executed in Alabama and other North American countries, and all over the world, because they have been falsely accused of rape. One has to understand that this is an organized campaign, originating from Departments of Women's Studies of American universities and than enacted by feminist activist cells that usually are camouflaged as women's safe houses or women child foundations. There sole agenda is to turn the police and judicial institutions against men. They never attempt to consider the male part in any conflict. For these gender fascists, men are always pigs, and the heavier a punishment, the greater there victory. But whenever a women stands trial for murdering a man, they will certainly lobby for as light a punishment as possible, or even to have her walk free. When will man organize and oppose those feminazis. The Department of Women’s Studies of every American university that has them could be reported for teaching hatred. And the hatred preached by imams is mild in comparison to the hatred preached by lecturers at Departments of Women's Studies.




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The 5,000 years of Korean history and culture, and the Korean people's indomitable spirit in the struggle for national freedom have produced a society renowned not only for its kindness and generosity of spirit but also for the high educational standards of its citizens




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Last updated: November 15, 2011