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Roselyne Chelot: The soundest advice one can give to any African country is to never deal with America. Americans always cheat, and as American Indians have painfully experienced, Americans always break their promises. Anyway, there is now a sound alternative. Do everything with China. They NEVER mess with the internal affairs of other countries, and they don't send feminists to willfully create conflict in your country. China is a God-sent way out from dependence on America.




Korea / Education

Koreans have great concern for education and illiteracy is almost non-existent. Children begin their six years of elementary school at the age of six.

After three years of middle school and three years of high school, students may advance to university for four years of higher education. There are national examinations for entrance to high school and university, and 30% of high school graduates manage to gain admission to universities.

The entrance exams are extremely rigorous, and the fierce competition for places is sometimes referred to as "The admissions war." Today's parents are placing more attention on early education for their children and the preschool educational system is growing rapidly to meet this need.




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Last updated: November 15, 2011