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Philippines / West Visayas / Negros / Bacolod City / Attractions

The Provincial Capitol Building (104) This large structure, built in neo-classical style, was completed in 1931. It is said to be the most impressive capitol building in the entire archipelago.

San Sebastian Cathedral (105)Originally a small chapel; initiated in 1848 as a cathedral. Built of coral from Guimaras Island and hard wood fromPalawan, the edifice was finally completed in 1876.

The Palacio Episcopal (106)Dating back to 1830, the "Palacio Episcopal" or Bishop’s Palace is older than the Cathedral. During the early years, no ordinary citizen could enter the palacio, and only very few Spanish officials had the opportunity to be guests at the bishop’s see.The original hardwood and coral structure was almost entirely destroyed by a fire in January 1985. The reconstruction which took more than two years was completed in 1990.

The Fort San Juan (107)Built in 1848, it was used for military purposes until WW II. At present, the building serves as the Provincial Jail.

House of Negros Showroom (108) At the height of the sugar crises, enterprising residents launched various small and medium-scale cottage industries to augment the province’s meager income. Products of these cottage industries are now exhibited in a museum-like building near the Provincial Capitol.

Rizal Elementary School (109)This school was the first to be established in Bacolod City.

The main building, at its present site, was erected during the early period of US colonialism in 1907.


Last updated: November 23, 2011